Advanced Elements AE1007-r Inflatable Kayak Review

Advanced Elements AE1007-R AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak The Advanced Elements AE1007-R Advanced Frame Convertible Inflatable Kayak is an exceptional 15 feet fishing kayak. It can be easily paddled tandem or solo. Since it gives you an option for single and double decks, you can conveniently convert it from a solo kayak to a tandem kayak within seconds.

With this new design, you also get a stern frame and rigid bow, which offers more versatility regarding an interchangeable deck.

Advanced Elements AE1007-r:Things that Matter

High Grade Materials for Construction

The back and front ribs of the kayak have been constructed with high grade aluminium. This allows the bow to easily slice through water like a sharp knife. The stern also acts like a skeg, and therefore, increase the kayak’s tracking performance.

When you inflate the chambers, back and front ribs are properly pressed against the outer cover. Due to this, the kayak provides higher performance stern and bow. They can rival the tracking of an expensive and high-end touring kayak. However, this one can also be folded very compactly.

In other words, when most inflatables ride ‘on’ the water, this Advanced Frame Convertible Inflatable Kayak rides ‘in’ the water. This inflatable fishing kayak has also been manufactured from high end and durable materials to make it last longer.

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Plenty of Space

This kayak comes with plenty of space for kayaking and storage. Your legs will never be cramped in this kayak. Thus, it can be very comfortable for extended trips. You will never feel short of anything as you can easily store your gear behind the back seat. It is the perfect choice for a long adventure.

The double coated, durable fabric of the kayak, electronically welded seams and heavy duty PVC can take scrapes, tough water and bumps without causing any damage.The kayak is quite compact, and you can carry it on your trips without any problems.

Easy to Setup

It is super simple to setup. Rather than explaining and writing down in words, why don’t you watch this short quick video which shows the setting up of Advanced Elements AE-1007 r kayak

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Features & Specifications

  • Built in rigid Stern and Bow with a high grade aluminum frame for more strength
  • A heavy duffle carrying bag, instructions guide, pump adaptor, maintenance kit
  • Tracking /skeg fin
  • Adjustable back seats and supports with padding
  • Military style paddle holder, air valves
  • Plenty of storage space behind the rear seat
  • Double coated, durable PVC coated tarpaulin / nylon fabric
  • Molded rubber handles
  • Bungee deck lacing for properly holding additional gear
  • Electronically welded seams
  • Dimensions – 15 ft x 34 ft
  • Weight – 6 chambers, 56 pounds
  • Max load capacity – 550 pounds


Although most customers have praised and appreciated this product, there’s one minor drawback. The Advanced Elements AE1007-R Advanced Frame Convertible Inflatable Kayak does not come with frame deck, paddles, pump or other such accessories. While some customers find this to be inconvenient, others consider it to be a blessing. They don’t want to pay for accessories which they aren’t going to use.

Final Thoughts on AE 1007 inflatable kayak

In case you love water, but prefer travelling light, this compact and sleek inflatable kayak can add a completely new dimension to all your outdoor adventures and fun. From mild rivers and lakes to estuaries and bays, the Advanced Elements AE1007-R Advanced Frame Convertible Inflatable Kayak will be a delight to get on the clear water quickly.

Advanced Elements AE1007-r Inflatable fishing Kayak

photo credit: andydolman via photopin cc

It offers a lot of space for people who don’t want to be hemmed in. You also have the option to choose between single and double decks. Thus, you can create a closed deck with an ability to use the spray skirt. With three seating arrangements, you can enjoy more versatility.

When you’re home or not in the water, you can keep it deflated in your car’s trunk. The next time you’re driving along a lake, bay or river, you can be paddling or fishing within minutes. This can be the perfect watercraft for travelers, campers and others who don’t want to install any roof racks. Moreover, it comes with a duffle bag so you don’t have to buy one extra.

It is designed very well and of good quality.

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