Tandem fishing kayak or a double kayak is designed to allow two people enjoy the water and have great fun. Tandems have roughly the same rough sea abilities as a single kayak and are usually faster when compared to singles. In addition, these kayaks also have more length and weight and are sturdy and steady when compared to a solo kayak. Although it may take some time for you to get used to tandem kayaks, learning the basic principles of paddling with a partner can help you travel miles together comfortably.

Tandem Fishing Kayak

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We have listed down some of the best tandem fishing kayaks that you can get for your money. This listing is based on research done considering various parameters and actual buyer reviews.

The 3 best  Tandem Fishing Kayaks

Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak

Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak

Well, this lifetime sport fisher kayak has been coming up in other categories also, one of it being under the best fishing kayak category. This kayak can take almost upto 3 people. Also due to its ultra-stable hull you can stand while fishing :). You can check out the detailed review here.

Old Town 15-Feet 3-Inch Dirigo Tandem Plus Recreational Double Kayak

Old Town 15-Feet 3-Inch Dirigo Tandem kayak

Dirigo Series is a hugely popular recreational kayak line up by Old town. Well they upped a notch by making a tandem version. Looking at it, you will notice the sleek design, which makes this kayak relatively fast. Even with an inexperienced partner on board, it clocks a minimum of 4 mph. It is quite stable and tracks very well.

It has nice comfortable seats which are adjustable as well.  You will feel that you are in a fighter plane or something, thanks to the dual cockpit design :). It comes with cup holder and glove box hatch for keys and wallet in front cockpit, and a cup holder and accessories tray on rear cockpit rim.

Though it is discontinued by Old Town and are in diminishing numbers, these are a grab as these are available at below average price on amazon.

Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package

Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package

This inflatable kayak, is a steal with the features it comes given its price point. With a strong and extra thick PolyKrylar Hull (33 mm)  , you can take your dog along in this kayak. It is quite tough and can withstand dogs paws and claws.

Being an inflatable kayak, it easily fits in a bag. On the contrary, once it is fully inflated it has lots of space for your camping needs. It has inflatable spray skirts, removable inflatable front and rear seat, front and rear rope handles, and a self-bailing drain valve. This inflatable fishing kayak has also been featured on our best kayaks for fishing list which is available here. You can also check out the detailed review here.

Paddling a Tandem Fishing Kayak

If you are wondering whether  a single person can paddle a tandem along, the answer is “yes”. All tandem kayaks can be paddled conveniently by one person sitting in the back seat. But if two people are paddling, the kayak will move much faster and track straighter.

However, when two people are paddling , it is important that they have a good level of communication. While the front paddler is required to relay information, the rear paddler is required to adjust the speed and paddle stroke to that of the front paddler. If the partners lack communication or are not willing to work with each other, the paddles will keep hitting each other and make it difficult to move the kayak in the desired direction.

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Why Choose Tandem Fishing Kayak

Never feel bored: Often people feel bored when going out alone for kayaking / fishing. Two is better than one. With a friend or a family member your fishing or kayaking trip becomes more enjoyable.

A great option with Kids: Tandems proves to be a perfect option especially if you have kids who are not used to kayaking. Using a tandem kayak is a great option to introduce you children to this sport and allow them enjoy their time on the water. Kids can either paddle or just sit back or allow the adults to do the work for them.

Pets: If you looking to spend some time with your pet on the lake, tandem kayaks are a great option. These fishing kayaks usually have removal seats which makes it easier for your pet to sit or lie down comfortably inside the kayak while you paddle around the lake.

Confidence Boost: well if you are paddling with a person who is more experienced, you can learn a lot. This will give your confidence a boost and you will be paddling like a pro in a shorter time :).

Cons of Tandem Fishing kayaks

Heavy: One of the greatest disadvantages of tandems is the fact that this type of fishing kayaks is extremely heavy. The fact that they often weigh 100 pounds or more, it not only makes it difficult to transport and store them, but also requires the weight to be compensated to balance it in water and make it easy to maneuver.

Difficult to Store : The fact that tandems are longer when compared the typical kayak, it can sometimes be difficult to find a place in your garage to hang or store these fishing kayaks. Of course if you go for an inflatables, those may very well turn out to be the best fishing kayak for you.

Transportation problem: Since tandem fishing kayaks are longer and heavier than other kayaks, it can not only make it difficult for you to fit it on the top of your SUV or car, but also make it difficult for two people to lift it up and place it on the top. Well try using a hitch mounted trailer for your car and it won’t be a problem.

Tips for Choosing Tandem Fishing Kayak

Consider Weight: The fact that tandems are usually heavy; it makes it difficult for you lift it especially if you do not have a partner. Therefore, it highly recommended that you buy a tandem fishing kayak that made of lighter materials such as composite. In addition, opting for a shorter tandem can also be beneficial in reducing the weight of the tandem to a great extent.

Controlling capability: Tandems are generally difficult to maneuver because they are longer when compared to a solo kayak. Thus, choosing the optional feature such as the rudder can make it for you and your partner to control this fishing kayak.

Opt for a Tandem according to your Requirements: Choose a tandem with shallow cockpits particularly if you are planning to use it with a child can make it easier for the kid to paddle comfortably. But if you are planning to use the kayak with your pet, opt for the one that features removable seats. Similarly, opt for a more stable boat especially if your partner is an inexperienced paddler.

Tandem fishing kayak is a great option for all those people who wish to make a trip with their spouse, friend or pet on a nearby lake, river or bay. These types of fishing kayaks not only have a place in sport, but can also be used to visit family and friends or work as an ambulance by helping get a injured or sick person to safety.