Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak Review

If you have been a keen fisher for many years, then you might just have been looking for a solid kayak to give you the stability and value that you needed. Maybe you regularly go out with family on fishing or recreational trips.

May be you need to introduce your child to kayaking or want to gift a kayak as a present. In that case having at least two seats is a must. If you are looking for a reliable and sturdy kayak, Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak will prove to be more and worth the price.

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Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak – Things that matter

Balance & Safety

The first thing you will notice about the Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak is the balance it provides. You will easily able to stand up in the kayak without any tipping or balance problems. For even somebody who is horizontally challenged, this is a big bonus!

Quality Family Fishing

The seats are extremely comfortable and it can easily handle three people inside it, which again is very important. It’s perfect for solo or family fishing (tandem fishing), allowing you more than one trip away on your own or with the kids to spend some quality time together. The boat seemed to fit any style of fishing – it’s very balanced.

Store things and keep them dry

This  kayak has a decent compartment which s primarily made for dry storage. No more worrying about getting your things wet in water. Kayak fishing is a recreational sport and it should be done without any worries in mind. By taking care of these small yet important things, the lifetime sport fisher kayak does make kayaking more fun.

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 Other Features n Specifications

  • Can be used solo or tandem, however you prefer.
  • Never worry about your loose items, store them in Ditty trays and shock cord.
  • Two 2-piece oars and padded backrests.
  • A 6 inch storage hatch.
  • 1 yr Warranty.
  • Fishing pole holders – yeah no need to buy extra 🙂
  • Can be used easily for up to Class II rapids.
  • Made up of Blow-molded polyethylene.
  • Dimensions : 120 by 36 inches.


However, if there is one thing that the Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak needs, it’s a rudder. It creates slight tracking issues which hindered me at first. Over time, you will be able to adjust but looking for a fault this would be it. Also, if you get water into the pole holders your boat will get a bit of water in, so watch out for that. There’s nothing that can be done about that, but it’s still a slight area of concern.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it offers everything you want for a tandem kayak at this price range.  If you have spent enough in the past on dud boats that lasted less than ten journeys out on the water, this is a breath of fresh air to get a reliable tandem fishing kayak. It allows you to get out with the kids and friends for a spot of fishing, or just enjoy the sea for all its glory.

This fishing kayak is feature packed plus quite stable in water. You’ll have to look really hard to find a fishing kayak which can match these features at this price range.

It’s easy to bungee strap a milk crate on the front and back to have a great, roomy, sturdy fishing platform considering all the rod holders that already come with it.

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