Malibu X-Factor kayak review

Malibu Kayaks X-Factor Fish and Dive Package Sit on Top Kayak, SandFor those who love kayaking and fishing, finding the best kayak in terms of performance and safety is vital. There are hundreds of Kayak brands in the market and this presents a challenge in making the decision on which particular one to buy.

However, some particular brands and models stand out among many. One such model is the Malibu X-Factor Fish and Dive Package Sit on Top Kayak. Here is an honest review of this kayak brand.


Features that Matter

Stability and Dry Ride

The most important features that define and good Kayak its stability and ride. An unstable kayak is can easily tip over and cause drowning especially if it has a passenger who does not know how to swim. This X-Factor sit-on-top features a design that offers high levels of stability even in the most turbulent waters.

Besides stability, this Malibu Kayak offers dry ride saving your feet from wetness common with other brands. The Malibu X-factor’s large central hatch has self-draining trays, carry handles as well as a cup holder.

Size and Storage Capacity

This is perhaps the unique thing about the Malibu X-Factor Fish and Dive Package Sit-on-Top Kayak is its storage size. It measures 14 ft, 14 inches in length by 33 inches width and offers an unbelievable 625 pounds maximum storage capacity.

This means the kayak is well capable of accommodating many passengers as well as fishing gear/camping supplies for those who like kayaking and fishing. It has large rear and front drive wells. Even better is the fact that the kayak has a Gator Hatch in its front, which can accommodate a child seat.

Great Ergonomics and Performance

It is impossible to enjoy kayaking in an uncomfortable kayak. This kayak is designed to enhance comfort while padding through its dry seating and the deluxe adjustable foot rack system.

The kayak is also fitted with a trolling motor capability, which is vital in supporting serious fishing expeditions. It features a construction capable of achieving great speeds for those wish to use the kayak for the kayaking competitions.


Wind does has very little or no effects on its performance This kayak can allow you to drive for long distances and for longer without having to worry about baby aches and pains and hypothermia due to excessive wetness.

For fishing, the kayak has bait wells as well as six flush mounted fishing rod holders for maximum convenience.

Main features of Malibu Kayaks X-Factor Fish and Dive Package Sit on Top Kayak

At a glance, the X-factor sit-on-top kayak has several great features not easy to find with most other kayak brands currently in the market. The main features and specifications include:

  • Two capacious drive tank wells for carriage of more than just the driver
  • Front as well as rear child seating areas for those who would love to go on kayaking and/or fishing experience with their young ones
  • A wide cockpit area to accommodate even plumb drivers and to allow for easy maneuverability and therefore better performance
  • It features a comfortable and dry seating for the safety and security of the driver as well as the other passengers
  • The X-factor sit-on-top kayak offers great paddling experience, thanks to its deluxe adjustable foot rack system
  • It has carry handles/paddle holders for easy portability and operation
  • Other great features of this kayak include self-draining trays, a cup holder, Gator hatch as well as trolling motor capability.
  • In terms of dimension, the Malibu Kayaks X-Factor Fish and Dive Package Sit on Top Kayak measures 14-feet, 4-inches (L) by 33-inches (W) by 4.75-inches (Depth from waterline). The net weight of this kayak is just 62 pounds making it highly portable and easy to handle.


The complaint many people have registered with this Kayak is the fact it does not come with its own seat and therefore requires that the user modify it to accommodate his or her needs. This may translate into a higher cost than the initial price set by the manufacturer and retailers.


A product is considered high quality if its benefits outweigh its disadvantages and that is the truth with the Malibu Kayaks X-Factor Fish and Dive Package Sit on Top Kayak.

For those looking for high performing, reliable and effective kayak for kayaking and fishing, this is a good choice to make. It is also affordable given the quality versus performance.

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