Old Town vapor 10 angler kayak review

If you are looking for a kayak that is compact in design and easy to operate, Old Town vapor 10 angler is undoubtedly one of the best options available in the market. Designed in keeping the angler’s comfort in mind, this recreational sit in fishing kayak is best suited for anglers who intend to carry a load with them on their fishing expedition.

Along with a spacious cockpit and well designed dashboard this recreational kayak is also very easy to control. If you are a shutterbug, this fishing kayak can turn out to be your best friend :).

Fishing currently is gaining a lot of popularity. It’s being considered as a “cool hobby” by millions of fishing fans across the globe. It is no longer considered as a hobby for middle aged men but is also being taken up my young men and women in large numbers.

In order to ensure complete success and enjoyment on a fishing expedition it is extremely important to be well equipped with proper fishing gear. Also necessary is the perfect fishing kayak that can make recreational fishing not only efficient but also exciting and comfortable.

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Old Town vapor 10 angler – Things that Matter

Comfortable Design

One of the major USP’s of this recreational Kayak is the fact that it is very intelligently designed. Its overall quality and workmanship is clearly evident in the well designed dashboard that has two cavities and cup holders molded in it. The seats are very comfortable owing to their padding and also the fact that they can be adjusted according to the comfort of the angler.Moreover the cockpit is also spacious that makes it very convenient for one to get into the kayak.

The open cockpit is also an added advantage as it makes the whole experience a lot more exciting.The design is absolutely perfect as it is closed enough for staying warm in cooler temperatures while open enough to allow proper air circulation. You can easily spend an entire day fishing or indulging in photography without feeling any strain or muscle cramps.

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Light weight and easy to control

Weighing a decent 49lbs, the Old Town 10-Feet Vapor 10 Angler Recreational Fishing Kayak is also easy to carry without causing any discomfort. Its most impressive feature is the fact that it tracks incredibly. If a decent amount of speed is applied it moves at an amazing pace and it feels like it has a motor. The kayak is easily maneuverable and is perfect for slow moving rivers, ponds and lakes. Its effortless paddling also makes this Kayak extremely efficient and attractive.

Good to Know Features & Specifications

  • Stern Day well
  • Useful flush mounted rod holders
  • Presence of an anchor trolley system
  • Comfortable thigh pads
  • Molded – in Paddle rest
  • Convenient drain plug
  • Presence of a glide track foot brace system
  • Material – Single layer Polythene
  • Weight – 22.2 kg ( 49lbs)
  • Maximum load range – 12.5kg – 149kg
  • Length – 3 meters
  • width – 29/72.4 cm
  • cockpit – 49.5/122 cm.


Although perfect for slow moving waters this kayak is not a great option for water bodies which have excessive current. The anchor is probably the smallest anchor that is available in the market and hence is not enough to support in places of excessive current. But if you plan to stay away from fast moving water bodies this drawback can be overlooked.

Final Thoughts

Old Town is one of the oldest Manufacturers around. This Kayak not only offers an efficient ride but is quite stable too. The design of the large cockpit does not only foster a reassuring ride but also makes the ride comfortable for the angler. Moreover being equipped with an anchor trolley system, flush mounted rod holders and an exceptionally comfortable seat , the kayak is ideal.

It provides features which are beyond the basics and hence provide great value for money. Finally it is not only perfect for anglers and sportsmen but also a great option for amateurs who are just learning how to paddle.

Most of the people said

It is quite stable and tracks very well


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