Riot kayaks escape 12 angler review – Is it worth ?

Riot Kayaks escape 12 angler

Riot Kayaks escape 12 angler

The Riot Kayaks Escape 12 Angler Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak has been specifically designed by the company for kayakers who have a keen interest in fishing. Hence, this kayak has been equipped with a lot of different features for different kinds of anglers. According to most of the anglers who have used it, this product offers a perfect combination of high performance and better stability. In addition to this, it even features an exceptional load capacity which keeps you properly organized and well provisioned. In simple terms, this could be a good kayak for all your fishing environments.

As mentioned above, the Riot Kayaks Escape 12 Angler has a lot of different features some of which include adjustable sliding foot braces, sit on top high back outfitting, anchor trolley system, pilot rudder system, integrated console with high quality molded-in cup holder, front hatch with hatch cover (dual density), two paddle hooks, two 4 inches deck plates, read deck shock cord storage, drain plug, scupper plugs, adjustable rod holder and more.

For many years, the company has been producing high quality and affordable kayaks for people who’re interested in fishing. This kayak allows you to witness the world from a completely different perspective. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day on the water, quiet ride, long trip or an adventurous trip in a bigger river, this kayak will be your perfect choice on any given day.


When it comes to enjoying your time on the water, the company believes in providing high quality equipment with a craft which does not compromise on fear, safety or quality. This is the primary reason why almost all the products from Riot Kayaks are available at affordable prices. Moreover, the company’s products are better equipped and designed.

Riot Kayaks escape 12 angler top view

Features that Matter

Safe Sit-On-Top Seat

The four attachment points have been properly mounted on high quality, adjustable, independent straps. Due to this, the sit on top seat is very comfortable. This combo also allows you to customize your position to almost perfection within seconds. It stays in one position regardless of the conditions you come across. With a comfortable and safe seat, your ride will be perfect even in the most dangerous waters.

Pilot Rudder System

The pilot rudder in the Riot Kayaks Escape 12 Angler Sit-On-Top Kayak is both strong and light as it is manufactured from glass reinforced plastic. It comes with a profiled blade. With this kayak, the company decided to retain the low-windage openwork design. Low-windage here means there is less friction due to wind on the kayak and hence a smoother kayaking experience.

It has also retained the oval pulleys and the vibration reducing rubberized V-block which made the pilot rudder system well known among loyal customers. The smoothness of action from this pilot rudder system is appreciated by most customers.

Adjustable Rod Holder

This mounted, adjustable rod holder can easily rotate 360 degrees. You can also adjust it vertically for precise and accurate placement. The standard rod holder provided in this kayak has a rear saddle. It can accept all kinds of reel and rod combinations. A smooth, large swivel-locking ring also allows the equipment to prevent rod loss. In addition to this, the vertical swivel movement allows much easier rod positioning.


General Features n Specifications

  • Dimensions – 12 ft by 30 inches
  • Weight 72 pounds
  • Rod holders – 5
  • Anchor trolley system and Pilot rudder system
  • Rear and front hatch to carry gear and for storage
  • Two 4 inches deck plates
  • Two paddle hooks


According to some anglers, the company could have made this kayak a bit heavier. It seems that the kayak can not carry a lot of load. However, the company claims that it has maximum load capacity and you won’t experience any problems. The company’s customer service can also improve. But when you buy this kayak from Amazon, you won’t experience any problems regarding the product or customer service. It doesn’t track very well in the water. You definitely need the rudder down while paddling otherwise its all over the place. The vestuble in the center of the kayak does have pull straps which make it harder to open and close.

Final Thoughts on the Riot Kioks escape 12

When it comes to kayaks, Riot Kayaks is one of the most popular companies in the market. It has always been known for its high quality products available at affordable prices. According to most customers, this kayak offers a perfect combination of high performance and better stability. It even has enough room to carry all the gear you want on the water.

You won’t experience any problems even when you’re on an all day fishing trip. This kayak also has adjustable sliding foot braces to provide comfort and support to your legs. In this price range, the Riot Kayaks Escape 12 Angler Sit-On-Top Kayak is the best choice.


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