Sea Eagle Paddle Ski 435 Catamaran with Pro Package Review

Every person who is adventurous would love to get his own kayak. Whether you’re planning to go fishing, photography or simply paddle on a lake, a recreational kayak can turn out to be your best friend. In this category, Sea Eagle has become one among the most popular and highly recommended product brands. If you’re already bored of traditional kayaks, it’s time you open yourself to all new adventures with Sea Eagle Paddle Ski Kayak.

Sea Eagle 435 Paddle Ski Catamaran

Ordinary kayaks are unstable, tippy and very difficult to carry around. This new and innovative kayak eliminates all such hassles.Sea Eagle Catamaran435 Paddle Ski is made with two evenly-spaced inflatable tubes that smoothly cut into water, delivering stable boating experience.

These kayaks also help reduce the drag, as well as increase the speed. If you really want something that increases the speed significantly, you can consider adding a motor for taking quick journeys across the lake. An added motor will increase the speed substantially. By the way, you should choose the motor as per your requirements.

Other features boasted by Sea Eagle 435 Paddle Ski Catamaran Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package include swivel seats, a rowing frame, one sailing rig, and two built in holders. The Paddle Ski Kayak is a 5-in-1 inflatable designed to deliver most versatile kayaks in the market. The pro-package provided includes two paddles, a foot pump, two seats and a bag for storage.

Features that Matter

Stability and Speed

Unlike ordinary kayaks, you need not choose among a stable wide craft and tippy, speedy narrow craft. With 435 Paddle Ski you get all the good features without compromising on the quality. The kayaks feature two huge inflatable tubes, which also give solid and well-balanced boat.

Smooth Sailing

There’s nothing better than gliding on the water without putting much effort. The Sail Rig provided in this model by Sea Eagle is very easy to use. In fact, new sailors could easily use it as well. It is easy to assemble, which means you can make your kayak ready for a nice row in just a matter of minutes.

Excellent Paddling

The 435 Paddle Ski is really great for people looking for excellent paddling trips, especially for week-long camping trips. The kayaks are designed to keep the hull out of the water for high boat speed and low drag.

Since the model is easy to store in the boot of a car, you can easily avoid spending hundreds of dollars on a trailer or roof rack. This kayak is also quite good if you are planning on extended trips as it has a large size and larger pontoons.
Main Features and Specifications

  • Two skegs for smooth directional control
  • 6 D-rings for securing seats
  • 3 aluminum-yokes for rigid and stable structure
  • Both side carry bow grab handle
  • Wide beam hull-design for added stability
  • Hull material delivers resistant to sun and saltwater
  • Nylon portable carry bag and repair kit
  • Capacity of 2 adults or 650 pounds
  • 2 Chambers (port and starboard)
  • Material used is 1,000-denier reinforced
  • Seam: Quadruple overlap
  • Engine capacity of 55 pound thrust electric or 3 horsepower gas
  • Inflation time is just 7 minutes
  • Interior dimensions: 12 ft. 6 in X 1 ft. 4 in.
  • Exterior dimensions: 14 ft. X 3 ft. 3 in.
  • Weight: 41-pounds

Final Thoughts

Sea Eagle 435 PaddleSki is a true open water and adventure friendly kayaks for lakes, rivers, seas, ponds, and even oceans! Sea Eagle ps Catamaran Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package comes in a compact and durable nylon carry bag to ensure easy transport. Best part is that it takes just a few minutes to inflate and assemble.

Since Sea Eagle has been one of the most recommended manufacturers of inflatable kayaks since 1968, there is hardly any major flaw that you will find in this model. Sea Eagles are best known for their high quality and superior materials that make their kayaks perfect for camping, fishing, rafting and a variety of other adventure outdoor sports.

If you are looking for a good dose of fun on water in all possible ways, Sea Eagle Paddle Ski is for you. This unique kayak design will allow for exceptional over-the-water performance.

Given that its on the higher side of price range, you have some really premium options in this price range. One of them being the Hobie fishing Kayaks range.

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