Ocean Kayak 12-Feet Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Kayak Review

cean Kayak 12-Feet Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top KayakKayaking is an old sport and recreational activity that has been receiving increased interest in recent years. At the peak of modern civilization is cultural immersion, enthusiast activities and recreation. Kayaking is both recreational and exercising which is why many people love it besides the fact that it is a water-based activity.

While the activity is quite interesting and fun, it is only as good as the kayak used. There are various things to consider and look out for when choosing a kayak in order to get the best one. Here is a detailed review of the Ocean Kayak 12-feet Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak which is among the reputable products available in the market.

Features That Matter

Kayak Capacity and Space

When buying a kayak, space and capacity are some of the conspicuous details that one cannot oversight. While kayaks are only meant to hold limited weights and number of people, the layout and space must allow comfortable kayaking. This recreational kayak is designed to hold between 375 to 425 pounds.

It has seat for two adults and another for a kid which makes it suitable for couples with a child. All the seats have sufficient settling position and one can seat in three different postures which include bow, stern and middle. This allows for solo and tandem padding including tandem with a kid.

Stability, design and versatility

After capacity and space, the aesthetic attributes and safety must be assured. Kayaks come in different designs which achieve a given level of stability. This sit-on-top recreational kayak exhibits a hull and deck design. This enables effortless multiple hulls stacking and dock storage.

With patented overlapping wells for foot rest, all foot lengths are accommodated as it offers comfort for each dimension. The Malibu two-tandem kayak has a distinct design that is noticeably different from other products in the market. The skid plate, multiple siting and padding options, foot rests, lightweight design and higher mass support capacity all blend into a strong recreational and exercising equipment.

This kayak is also very versatile and can quickly regain balance in waves. It adapts to movements and makes it easy to enjoy kayaking without worry.
Main Features and specifications
Just like other existing kayaks, it has various features and specifications that enable floatation, balancing and movement through water. It also has other distinct features meant to offer better kayaking experience as well as trademark details. The features and specifications of Malibu two-tandem sit-on-top kayak are therefore as follows;

  • 12 feet length, 34 inches width, 57 pounds weight and weight capacity of 375-425 pounds.
  • 18.5 inch seat width for stern position, 20.25 for center and 16.25 inches for bow.
  • 2 Plus size seats for adults
  • Three in-molded wells for seats
  • Patented overlapping foot rest
  • Skid plates and gear straps
  • Stern and bow carrying handles
  • The hull and deck design also allows for more and easier dock storage.

Pros & Cons

The benefits of choosing Malibu two-tandem recreational kayak over others are quite straightforward. This kayak holds two adults and a kid or pet which makes it perfect for young small couples or families.

Its design and versatility combined with ample space allows comfortable and enjoyable kayaking.

It also has multiple padding positions and a patented footrest which provides comfortable rest to people of all foot lengths.

Besides, the kayak is designed by a well established and reputed company known for quality designs and durable products.

While it has various benefits, it also features some flaws that users will be expecting the designers to correct for coming kayaks. Nonetheless, there is little blemish in the product as most users have testified happiness and content.

Apart from the limited color choice and arguably small width, there are no other complaints that have been made. Most users would prefer other colors than orange which is the most dominant and available option.


The Malibu two-tandem recreational sit-on-top kayak provides lovers of kayaking with perfectly designed equipment that allows space for adults and a kid or pet. It comes in different options at affordable prices and allows comfortable padding as well as siting.

Moreover, it has a patented footrest for more comfort and supports average masses of most people. It is always important to buy your kayak from licensed distributors who can guarantee original products only.

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