Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak Review

Sea Eagle SE370 with pro package Inflatable kayak

If you want to cruise down a lake and want complete peace then you can choose Sea Eagle SE370. Capable of taking a load of around 500 pounds, it weighs a mere 26 pounds. As a result it is easily portable. The Sea Eagle can carry a gear along with two adults. This can be carried and guided by a single person. What’s more you can take along your dog for the cruise as well. The PolyKrylar hull is pretty stiff and can easily withstand the claws and paws of a dog.

Stunningly though the SE370 can be easily packed into a bag. The cargo space is big enough to accommodate all the cruising supplies. The Sea Eagle can be utilized for fishing, paddling as well as skin diving. The SE370 can be even taken into a river.

It can take whitewater pressure of class 3. It is one of the easiest boats to set up. It might take you a bit long in the first couple of attempts but post that you will get used to it. The process is smooth and can be done by one single person. This kayak is pretty sturdy and the carrying straps are pretty good too.

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Portable and Lightweight

Apart from being lightweight, it is easily portable too. You don’t have to worry too much about carrying it. Be it a lake or a pond, you can easily pack it in your bag and take it with you to cruise. It has been certified by NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association), all the more reason that you can blindly trust on it when you are going for your expedition with this little toy. It contains a pressure gauge along with a kit with repairing stuffs. It has valves which is one way.


  1. The Polykrylar hull is extra thick of around 33 millimeters
  2. To ensure rigidity the floor has been constructed with I-beam
  3. Spray skirts are inflatable
  4. The rear and the front seats are removable as well as inflatable
  5. It has got rear and front handles
  6. Contains a drain valve which is self-bailing
  7. Molded kegs for tracking speed
  8. Welded seams of very top frequency

Technical specification of the Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package:

The interior is ten foot long while as the exterior is twelve foot long. The deflation is thirty one by nineteen inches. The diameter of the tube is nine inches. It can hold up to six hundred fifty pounds. The total weight of the SE370 is around thirty two pounds. There are a total of three chambers, namely, standard chamber, floor chamber and port chamber.

K80 poly vinyl carbon has been used to build the Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package. The air valves are five deluxe and one way. The inflation time as well as assembly time is eight minutes.

The Cons

While the user satisfaction for Sea Eagle SE370 fishing kayak has been on the positive sides but there are some issues with this little boat. For instance, the carry bag contains only one strap which could hurt your shoulder if you carry it for long. Another disadvantage is the paddles hardly fit in to the carry bag. Most of the space is consumed by the seats, pump and the boat itself.

The pros:

That begin said, it’s a great buy to say the least. So many features at this price range is a major advantage of this product. With the new upgradation, the boat is much stronger and heavier. Compared to the other boats out there it is miles ahead in terms of features and user satisfaction. Available in multiple colors, the boat has a really cool exchange policy as well. If you have made up your mind to buy a boat and researching for different options then your search might well stop here.

Our Final Thoughts

Considering all options including various features, technical specifications and general features it ranks very high as compared to its peers in the market. After a careful evaluation and drawing various comparisons, it is definitely a cool boat to buy. The customer service is great too. There is the exchange policy available if you need it.

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